Thursday 21 June 2012

Picture of the Day: From Garden to Kitchen

I like having Little Lady or Little Man in the kitchen with me when I am cooking. They are handy for fetching and washing vegetables, handing ingredients over and occasionally stirring the pot. Their favourite is adding the spices and watching the colours in the pot change.

On this occasion I sent Little Lady into the garden to bring in some mint so that she could make some mint chutney in the blender (recipe here). The gloves are in case of spiders.

I love the idea of having fresh ingredients from the garden – with their more intense aromas and taste. Most of all though I want the kids to see how much trouble it is to get enough from your garden for even on meal – the patience and care this takes. I want them to have some awareness of the effort it takes to bring the multitude of food into the kitchen and what a blessing this really is.

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