Thursday 14 June 2012

Little Lady Fashion

I love the brightly coloured clothes of Pakistan, but mostly I like seeing them on other people. Both of Little Lady's Grandmothers really like to go to town when it comes to her clothes.

My mum just brought back the dress below. I like the shape which is a bit like a ringmasters jacket, with the back being slightly longer than the front. The colour and the enbroidery is fab too.

Mum brought back this too. Hubby did a second take when he saw this one. But Little Lady seems to love it.

This one though, brought back from Pakistan by mum-in-law, has to be the pièce de résistance of Little Lady's wardobe this year. The picture doesn't quite do the luminous green shade justice. She can't wait it to wear it.

I can't really poke fun. My favourite outfit as a ten year old was a flourescent pink and green satin shalwar kameez with puff shoulders. I wore the thing to death. I would have post a picture of me wearing it Kew Gardens many years ago, but thankfully that picture is buried deep in the back of cupboards at my mums house.

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