Tuesday 12 June 2012

Five Months Down and Some Good News

Thanks to the dua’s of kind sisters my nausea has subsided and I am starting to feel better. I went for my five months scan yesterday and was told everything looked okay alhamdulillah. After so many years and five previous pregnancies, I thought I would be a bit more clinical about these things, but as always I cried when I saw the sprog on the screen.

I have also been for my blood test results and much to my surprise found that my sugar levels were very high. I have to go back to do tests for gestational diabetes. I am also at risk because Gorgeous was so big (9lb 2) that he dislocated his shoulder muscles when he was born, cue weeks of physiotherapy (women with diabetes or gestational diabetes tend to have larger babies).

In the meantime, I am being very strict with my diet, cutting out sugar and junk food and trying to eat carbs that break down slowly. As I have lost my taste for sugar and can’t tolerate chilli anymore, this was much easier than it should have been.

At the same time I have been slowing down at work, rejecting requests to work longer hours during the Olympics and trying to rest more. There are days when I am grateful for the distraction of work from my constantly uncomfortable mid-section which feels like it is turning into rock some days. On other days I start to wish I could spend the day at home lying down (we have a mother’s room here, but so far I have not used it). Recently an opportunity to apply for a promotion came up and I have resisted thinking that I wouldn’t stand a chance now that colleagues know I am pregnant. But when the deadline was extended I decided to try my luck, reasoning that if something is meant for me by Allah (SWT), then no-one can take it away for me and if not, that is okay too, but at least I tried.

The other good news I have had is that my Aunty had a baby girl. I was at the hospital for my scan when she went in. She had had a very, very difficult pregnancy and ended up having a caesarean. The baby is beautiful with a good set of lungs mash’Allah, but my aunt has a long recovery ahead of her, please make dua for her to get better soon insh'Allah.


  1. salam sister, alhamdulillah everything run smoothly for you. May dua will always for you and other fellow sisters.. it is great that u have a very conducive working environment, the mother's room & option to work longer or not. Here in my country the tolerance level and supportive environment for women at work is very low.. May Allah bless us all

  2. Jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind duas Sister,
    I am appreciative of my working environment, I am very aware that even in this country in the private sector mny of these things are not available and companies view pregnancy and maternity leave as a nuisance.

    It helps I work for a big organisation, especially as there are four of us in one team that are pregnant!