Friday 1 June 2012

Home-Made Crown Jewels

Today the children were encouraged to dress as Kings and Queens to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee with parties for every class. Sensibly, the school asked parents not spend money on expensive costumes but to make them, if only a paper crown. Of course - this was an excuse for me to get the spray paint and gems out.

Hubby got as the carboard boxes, Kooks helped draw the sword and shield shape and spray paint them and Little Lady got roped in to hold the bits we needed to stick together and find letters of the alphabet to spell the boys names.

Took about 40 minutes to make and we had great fun doing it, although I didn't let the boys test them out till this morning - I was hoping they would be in tact at least long enough for them to get to school.

The boys loved them and were soon sword-fighting and complaining the swords were too floppy (just as well!). Little Lady got in the act too, declaring she was Queen Boudicca and waving her brothers sword around. It wasn't long before there were tears before school.

It was lovely dropping them off to school this morning, I have never seen so many princesses ad tiara's in one place. The boys were having a great time running around with their little groups of boys and grabbing the swords off each other. I hope they have fun today.

I have today off to make the most of the long weekend (Monday and Tuesday are bank holidays here). I will be spending today trying to put some order into the house, cook batches of food for the next few days and generally undo the mess and neglect of the last few months where I have been doing the minimal housework due to my nausea. We are also doing up mum-in-laws room today with new carpet and paint as she is coming from Pakistan tomorrow to spend the summer here insh'Allah.

I also plan to attend the BeingME - Me, Myself and Allah conference tomorrow organised for sisters only by Mercy Mission in London - are any sisters going? Promises to be an amazing event with speakers including Sister Zohra Sarwari, Sister Khafayah Abdulsalam, Sister Saiyyidah Zaidi and many others. Now I just have to find a way to get home before mum-in-law gets back from the airport!


  1. Masha'Allah! Fun idea!

  2. I love little ladies outfit, where did you get it?? Oooh.. sis, Im going to the conference insha'Allah if you see this... look out for me :D

  3. These turned out wonderful, tabarak'Allah.

  4. Anonymous02 June, 2012

    I think I want a dress like that :(

  5. Assalam-alaikam Sisters.

    Sis Ammena,
    sorry I missed you at the conference, next time insh'Allah.

    Little Ladies dress was from TK Maxx last year, although I have seem some of these in there again recently.