Tuesday 12 June 2012

National Zakat Foundation – Become a Champion


You might have come across the National Zakat Foundation who have been working hard to raise awareness of their charity which aims to distribute zakat (alms) to needy Muslims in the UK. Most Muslims in the UK have traditionally sent their zakat abroad, not realising the desperate situation of some people in their own country (you can read case studies here)

The National Zakat Foundation are currently encouraging people to register on their website to become NZF Champions to help raise awareness of the charity and its work:

“Just 10 hours of your time over 10 weeks (15th June to 24th August 2012) can make a real difference to your brothers and sisters who are facing hardships such as sleeping rough, not having enough food to eat or being unable to adequately clothe their children.

As an NZF Champion, you will be the voice of NZF in your community, raising awareness about the importance of Zakat and giving it locally to help causes which affect Muslims here in the UK. Each week you will be set a simple but important task to complete which will take us a step closer to helping those in need insha’Allah.

You will be given full support and training, an NZF Champion Welcome Pack as well as the opportunity to meet your fellow Champions at events across the country. This really is one opportunity which you cannot afford to miss!”

I like this initiative because not everyone can afford to give large sums of money to charity, but to dedicate one hour from the 168 hours in the week seems manageable. You can register here to become a Champion.

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