Friday 24 February 2012

Gratitude Journal 24.02.12 - Friday Pretty

I have been working from home this Friday, so decided to make an effort with a blingy outfit...

...some matching bangles...

...and the kohl my friend brough back from hajj the year before last and sis still going strong (talk about hajj barakah!)

Little Lady was in on the act with her new t-shirt from Shutterbug Sister and pretty beads.

I think it was the new shoes from Kooks and rainbow dotty socks from mum that really made the outfit though.

I'm off to enjoy my lunch from work with hubby - veg curry, nan, kebab and some lovely peace and quiet.

Have a wonderful Jummah day insh'Allah.


  1. subhanallah.. I know you dont show their faces but I cant believe how much little Lady is growing masha'Allah.. its been what. two and a half years since I last saw you (OMGosh!!) but still you just dont expect it!!

  2. Salaams dear sis Ammena,
    It has been too long. Thats means you've been married for over 2 years already mash'Allah - time has flown!
    You have no idea, I keep doing double takes at this girls long legs and big hands and feet - and the bone structure that is coming from nowhere - I can't get over how lovely she is and how proud I feel of her. Just don't ask about the conversations I am having to "manage" already - babies and bra's no less!