Thursday 9 February 2012

Bake Sale Creativity

The kids had a charity bake sale at school that they wanted to contribute to and I thought that this would be something nice to do together.

I whizzed up some fairy cakes whilst they were finihsing off their homework with the promise they could decorate them once their homework was done (no nagging required at all for once).

The first batch collpased and I couldn't work out why until I went over the recipe a few times and realiesed I had put double the amount of butter into the batter.

I could have gone and got more butter, but as bed time was fast approaching, I decided to go and get three trays of fairy cakes and let the kids decorate them. I tracked down various cake decorations from the backs of cupboards and decided to leave them to it.

They had soooo much fun. Hubby was a bit surprised and concerned at my lapse in control-freakery and at the fact I was letting them make so much mess, but it felt rather good.

I mixed them some icing sugar with water to use as a kind of glue for the decorations. They really want to town and tried to fit on everyhting they could. Below is all of the stuff that fell off and had to go back into tubes and pots.

They took a box each. I have no idea how many sold, but apparently Gorgeous' class polished off his box before the bake sale even started!

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