Saturday 25 February 2012

My Darling Camelia

The weather is turning milder, in fact warm enough to have an argument with Gorgeous about whether is was spring (me) or summer (him). I had planned to wait a week or two and see if the mild weather holds before getting out and clearing the graden and planning what to plant.

The kids had other ideas and begged if they could go out and clear the garden. Not one to give up an offer of someone doing some cleaning for me, I let them out. Little Man came running back in to tell me about the roses that were growing outside: "they're so beautiful mum!"

I ambled out to take a look and found he was talking about the Camelia plant which had finally flowered. I've had it for six years and it has been growing very slowly, every year I hoped for flowers and had to make do with pretty, waxy deep green leaves. This year the little plant is covered in rose-like blooms and fat buds.

The garlic mum-in-law planted in autumn is also doing well, not sure how long to leave it there, will have to ask mum. It's nice to think that something has been growing away in winter whilst we forgot all about the garden.

The strawberries are running riot again and the little apple tree is also starting to set forth buds.

I'm looking forward to doing somethig wwith graden this year. As with every year it is a mess and full of junk, but as with every year I am hoping for lots of things we can use in the kitchen and a pretty little sancturay to spend summer relaxing in.


  1. Any after pics? Would love to see your summer sanctuary.

  2. Oh definitely, once the weather brightens (its gotten so colf again!) I will be out there setting things straight and taking pics insh'Allah