Thursday 9 February 2012

Ghetto Snowmen

The weekend brought snow here with the usual disruption that that brings to this country. The one thing I love, love, love about snow is the way it brings all of the kids in the neighbourhood onto the streets and pelting snowballs, with many of the adults following suit.

Last year the our attempt at making snowmen wasn't so great, the snow wasn't dry enough to stick and it took ages and the things kept falling apart. This year the snow was slightly damp and held its shape beautifully - who knew there was a such a thing as the right kind of snow and the wrong kind of snow to build snowmen/

My kids tried building one in our garden, but everytime the pile of snow got high enough, Gorgeous, in his attempt at helping would whack the top and make it collapse.

These below are my sisters attempts.

The one at the front is by Fashionista.

I love that it has gold teeth and a Mohican - that Kooky decided to spray-paint gold! Who do you know that spray-paints snow? Who would have thought that you can actually spray-paint snow?

This is the one that Kooks made with my children.

More gold things going on and for some reason an upside-down moustache. This poor, depressed snowman just leaned over after a while and stayed lopsided for the rest of the day. Finally enough, these two snowmen, remind me of my sisters - see the resemblance girls?

(The building in the back is the dodgy eye-sore shed my dad brought home one day to install in my mum's lovingly-tended garden and is now full of junk, we lovingly refer to it as the cow-shed. No-one wants it there, but it was so much work to get in and re-build, that no-one wants to dismantle it).

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  1. We couldn't make snowmen. Dipsy Sis kept on giving up....