Saturday 4 February 2012

The Best Laid Plans

The Plan:
Spend the day with my bestest and her beautiful babies.

The Intention:
Gorge on pizza
Go window-shopping

The Reality:
Gorgeous wakes up with tiny red spots and blisters around his mouth and on his hands and feet.
Call NHS direct and get a diagnosis - "Hand, Foot and Mouth disease" funnily enough.
Cancel bestest's visit
Spend the day on mum's sofa discussing wedding plans with Fashionista.

Poor Gorgeous isn't having the best time at the moment.
Yesterday was Little Lady's 9th birthday mash'Allah and last week was Little Man's 7th mash'Allah. Gorgeous has to wait another week or so for his 5th (I know, they have good timing!) and has been making some very grumpy faces at the attention they have been getting.
Last week he brought home a letter from school saying he was an exceptionally talented footballer and was invited to a local try-out attended by scouts from football clubs. He has been going to weekly football coaching sessions before school and telling us every week how he was the BEST, much to our amusement - we just thought he was being big-headed. I thought he was too young, but filled in the form and gave it to his teacher, only to be told he was too young! Gorgeous is not having it and is insisting he is old enough becaause he is nearly 5.

Thankfully he isn't showing any other symptoms of the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease and is up to his usual mischief (he just dropped Little Lady's beads all over the kitchen floor, so waiting for the screaming to start). I'm off to enjoy the snow, it'a 9.30pm and everything is being carpetted with a sprinkling of white.

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