Monday 5 December 2011

Things To Do On The Weekend

Things to do on the Weekend:
Go on an adventure on the underground with the kids.
Go to Pimlico in the city to visit your best friend.
Swoon over her juicy gorgeous new baby.
Head off to a bazaar with said best friend.
Get the kids face-pianted and some balloon art.
Sneak out of a very boring puppet show both looking shame-faced .
Share pasta bolognaise with best friend whilst combined total of five kids made a big bolognaisy mess.

Things not to do on the weekend:
Take a wrong turn on the way home and get hopelessly lost in the dark.
End up walking and walking and walking round the city with three kids.
Ending up at Victoria station with no way to get into the station due to accessibility works.
Walk lots more, stop to ask lots of people, finally find your way into the station.

More things to do:

Take the train home from Victoria sttaion which the kids were well impressed with ("looks like Harry Potters train station!" - yes, but with lots of nice shops!)
Eat french fries and drink juice on the train on the way home.


  1. This is such a cute post! Btw, where is Plimlico?

  2. was an absolute nightmare getting home though.
    Pimlico is in the city centre (near Westminster)and I live in East London, so a bit of a trek.