Friday 2 December 2011

40 Day Photo Challenge: Day 21 - Book Art and Surprising Reads

The difficult thing with this 40 day photo challenge is that by the time I get home from work (at 4.30) and remember to look for something to photograph, its dark outside already.  So I have to look around in the house for something that piques my interest.

I have a soft spot for over dramatic Urdu book covers (usually very dramatic, very sad, but apparently true stories).

It was this book that shocked me.  It's an Urdu translation of a Simone De Beauvoir book.  It's called "Aurat" or Woman, so I assume its a version of her book The Second Sex.  I had no idea my husband has read this.  I have the book, but never quite got round to reading it.  How many bearded, amamah (turban) and thobe wearing Beauvoir-reading Muslim men have you ever come across?  I'm seriously impressed.  I'm off to interview him and find out what other interesting things he does when I am not around.

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