Thursday 22 December 2011

40 Day Photo Challenge: Day 40 – Sunset Challenge

For my last photo, I had a go at Kooky Little Sisters sunset challenge over at her Harlequin Tea Set blog. Except I woke on the last day of the challenge to find the sunrise painting the sky in the most beautiful colours, so my attempt at the sunset challenge is a picture of the sunrise. Both pictures are very flawed, but I think I managed to capture some of the colour.


  1. Very, very nice...make the pictures bigger!!

  2. The first pic is really nice and teh second one's not bad either

  3. Brilliant Pictures. The River in the second picture looks like alot blue than before a couple of weeks when I saw the river.

  4. Beautiful colours. Makes you marvel at God's creation.

  5. Assalam-alaaikam,

    Kooks - I know they look better bigger, but the middle column of this blog isn't big enough and I haven't worked out how to woden it yet.

    SB - Thanks - I can see lots of flaws, so wasn't entirely happy about posting them, but they were the best out of the bunch I managed to get of the beautiful sky that morning.

    T - thanks. It's usually quite grey during the daytime.

    Sis Alisha - jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comment.