Tuesday 13 December 2011

40 Day Photo Challenge: Day 34 - A Romantic Getaway

I treasure the few minutes I have on the way home from work to catch up with my husband (he picks mee up) before I get home and everyone (kids, guests, mum-in-law, house, dinner) start vying for attention.

Today he took a different route and I was pleasantly surprised at the detour to the local scrap metal yard where he needed to pick up some money for some metal he dropped off the day before. He kindly parkeed the car in the middle of the yard and went off to the office. I was a little worried by all of the machines and crunching and scraping noise going on around me, even moreso, when one of the workers peered into the car and then started yelling for hubby to come over:

"You can't park here, it's dangerous, what if we squashed the car?"
"You can see its not scrap!"
"You've got a girl in there - aren't you bothered?"
"No go ahead and squash it!"

Charming! Well beggars can't be choosers and with three boisterous kids, an ill mum-in-law, an endless stream of guests, blogging, working and who knows what else, even a trip to the scrap metal yard is good enough for me if it's with hubby (even if he did try to get me squashed!).


  1. lol...i did not realize, when I read the title, how ironic this post would be. Gotta love married life.

  2. Salaam,
    yes thats as romantic as it gets at the moment, that and the drive to work in the morning where he might be inclined to recite dodgy Urdu couplets to me!