Saturday 10 December 2011

40 Day Photo Challenge: Day 29 - TLC and Woolly Hats

This little one has been off school with a nasty cold and temperature. Little Man is a foodie like me (okay, just plain greedy) and is the only other person I have met who doesn't lose their appetite when they are sick. I spent the whole day finding him things to eat, including the packed lunch I made for him so that he could have the same things to eat as his siblings took to school.

I love the way this boy goes and gets his big, soft woolly hat when he is feeling unwell or cold and keeps it on day and night until he feels better. At the moment he is sleeping with it on. That coupled with mum-in-laws insistence that he should be wearing a sleeveless jumper under his clothes at all times, means he should be better soon insh'Allah.

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