Friday 9 December 2011

Gratitude Journal/40 Day Photo Challenge: Day 26 - Friendship

I love how tactile and physical my children are in expressing their emotion (except when they hug my hard enough to almost knock me over - Little Lady!). The youngest, Gorgeous is a very physical child and loves to put his arms around whoever is nearest to him, in the rare moments when he is not wrestling or rough-housing.

I love the way he looks up to his older brother who is a little shyer in expressing how he feels than the other two.

I took this on the way to visit a new baby. The boys were walking ahead discussing something of the utmost importance, probably Ben10 or sweets. I often get asked if they are twins, despite the two year age difference, dressing them the same probably doesn't help.

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  1. LOVE this picture! I have a couple of very physical boys as well. My number 4 son loves to give me "running hugs." He runs right into the belly. I have to keep reminding him to be soft so he doesn't hurt the baby. Then he kisses the belly and tries to talk to the baby. I love when my boys play nicely together. Doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but when they do, it is like heaven.