Sunday 21 June 2009

Was That The Weekend That Just Flew Past?

Getting cross-eyed from exhaustion as I write this, after a very busy, but satisfying, weekend. No guests this weekend was supposed to be mean rest, but as per usual, that doesn't seemed to have happened.

Spent Saturday visiting one of my closest friends who now lives in Mauritius, but was here with her beautiful little boy for a few weeks. Our planned quick half-hour turned into an hour and a half whilst we caught up and reminisced about our time working together as the two giggly hijabi's of our office. Of course, she bought us lovely gifts from Mauritius which the kids went ape over (Strawberry Shortcake, Ben-10 and Spider Man T-shirts for the kids and a cute hand-made hold-all for me to take my killer-heels and latest read to work in).

Today was spent "booting" in the morning where I picked up some specialist cake-decorating pens that I had never seen before and some supplies for my brother's wedding in October insh'Allah. I also found some Enid Blyton books (ten for two pound which Little Lady dived right into).

In the afternoon we visited a local charity bazaar in aid of a small Islamic school which began as a home-schooling group and just grew. I, Little Lady and my mother-in-law got our hands henna'ed (the first pic is Little Lady and I thought her henna looked the best):

Little Lady and Little Man also got face painting done and then washed it as soon as they got to my mum's (I thought it looked terrible too):

We spent the afternoon at my mum's watching the Cricket World Cup final with everyone on tenterhooks. My mum has a pathological aversion to all sports and even she was hooked. Pakistan won and within minutes the main road near our houses had erupted into chaos with someone playing drums (the Punjabi dhol), music blaring and people on the road celebrating and causing traffic jams.

The evening was spent having dinner at my mum's and watching my wedding video and laughing ourselves silly, which is usually what happens when the four of us sisters are in one room. So now I am home, the kids are in bed (although the baby keeps sneaking out), hubby and the brother-in-laws are still out celebrating somewhere, I have just sorted through the kids toys and my books (I am having a big clear-out of the whole house, a small chunk a day) and I am off to pray and then get into bed with my current read (New Moon, the second book in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series) in the hope that I can wind down a little.


  1. Anonymous22 June, 2009

    Sounds like a good day! You have to show me your wedding video too someday!!! Oh, and the twilight series are good, sometimes I felt the writing was aimed at a younger audience, but still a good read none the less! Let me know what u think! x A x

  2. Something is seriously wrong in my part of the drums, no silly laughs...I think it's a lack of chocolate...AND how can you get those wonderful henna designs at a local charity event??? WOW!!!

  3. Anonymous22 June, 2009

    i havnt seen those icing pens before,just make sure for colour e120 (red or pink)that is haram and i find its in many of the ready icing.(from muslim food guide).


  4. Ummi Sumayyah23 June, 2009


    I am planning on going this sunday but can only make to one car boot fair. I am looking for childrens games, books etc and brooches. Which place would you recommend?

  5. Assalam-alaikam,

    Anony S (am I right?)
    I have mixed feelings about the Twilight book, will get my thoughts on paper when I get a mo. OMG, you ahev to see my wedding video, you will die laughing.

    Sis Umm Nassim,
    we need to meet up some time, we'd have fun, share chocolate and let my sisters make us laugh.
    BTW, the henna was £1.50 - does that make it worse?

    Sister Yasmine,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for the warning, I checked the ingredients, but on reading your comment, I checked again for e120, and it's not in either of the food pens.
    Ive also bookmarked the Muslim Food Guide for future use.

  6. Assalam-alaikam Umm Summayyah,

    If the weather is good I would reccommend Barleylands for children's stuff ( which starts at 9-10am. We usually visit Dunton ( which is very big, but you have to get there very early to get the bargains, I noticed that there seem to be a lot of Muslims there at 6-7am, seems they head out soon after fajr.

    We trawl through about half of this market (usually see the top end of the market rather than the beginning which is full of professional traders) and then head to Barleylands (which is about 10 mins away from Dunton).

    Another good market is Nevendon, ( but they charge £1.50 entry before 7am I think).

    Finding something like brooches is pot luck, I haven't found that any particular market is better for it, you just get lucky sometimes.

    I hope that helps, if not don't hesitate to e-mail.

  7. Umm Nassim24 June, 2009

    I would pay triple the amount to get nice henna and the money goes to charity anyway! Oh, I would love to meet you and your sisters as well, never know, maybe we'll make it over the ocean next year?