Wednesday 17 June 2009

Late Bloomers

I finally got some time and motivation (okay, so I've been very lazy) to go and have a look at what's been happening in the garden. For the last couple of weeks, I have left it to it's own devices, with the results that what has or hasn't survived is quite random.

This pretty flowers look like velvet and sprung up themselves.

The coriander seems to be growing well, but most of it seems to be have been totally trampled by... of my little helpers.

The spinach popped very quickly only to start sprouting seeds. My mum took a look and advised us to pull up the lot and not use the seed as it must be poor quality (it usually takes a very long for the seed to start sprouting).

But at least the peas are coming along beautifully - I'm sure these will all get eaten before they get to the cooking pot.

The strawberries too are growing quickly. Little Man has taken charge of the patch and is watching the straws like a hawk.

The grape vines seem to be doing well. I haven't tied them to the wall yet as husband is again this year intending/threatening to replace the old wooden fence with a wall.

Aside from this all the cucumber and the various varieties of pepper plant don't seem to have done well (a few in pots) because the kids have trampled them into the mud, although a few potato seem to have appeared as leftovers from last year.
At least the tomotoes seem to be doing well though:

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  1. Masha Allah you have got a nice garden, waiting to see them ripe...your kid looks so cute in that pic masha Allah [seems like he's taking a break ;-) ]