Sunday 7 June 2009

Patterned Cards for June

Now that I have my paper trimmer (well two - neither of which will cut a clean straight line) and an assortment of papers I thought I would play around with using the papers as my starting point for focus and colour rather than the embellishments as I usually do.

Two ways with one print:

I have more designs in this colour range, but I am wondering what other colours apart from green and pink I might use with them.

I really enjoyed making this card, layering on the flowers, ribbon and gems:

This is my first "commission" of sorts, for a lady at work whose birthday it was. I knew she was quite arty and didn't really like florals or pastels (i.e. girly stuff), so came up with the above. I got great feedback from my colleagues at work including someone saying they would buy Eid cards from me.

I loved how easy both of these cards were - the magic is in the gems!


  1. do u sell these? how much if u do?

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sarah,
    Not yet, but thinking about selling soon, probably through ebay or etsy. Still trying to figure out prices. Will post when I do.

  3. your lines are all wonky :(

  4. Fashionista08 June, 2009

    your face is wonky (kooky) :O(

  5. those pattern sheets look really good -makes an impact and fills the space