Tuesday 9 June 2009

Sunday Night Mischief

After a rather fraught and emotional weekend, I finally saw a happy ending when my husband offered to take me out for a meal and a long walk. We got to Sunday evening and thinking about putting the kids to bed before we go, and my mother-in-law announced we should all go to see her friend who has just come from Pakistan. I wanted to say no, I wanted to propose an alternative day, but somehow we ended up at the friends.

The family we were visiting were good friends and their son is Little Man’s best friend. So I went along muttering under my breath to the other half’s consternation and spent the evening trying to keep my kids in line.

The lady we had gone to visit was suffering from depression, so sat through most of our visit looking blank while I tried to keep the conversation going (I’m getting good at this). Her daughter-in-law is my friend, so we had plenty to talk about.

The highlight of the evening came when Little Man turned around to our host (my friend) and declared “khana banao” - “go and make dinner”. I could have died. This isn’t the first time either. My husband had warned Little Man not to ask for food at people’s houses, to no effect. A little while later he reiterated “bhook lagi hai” and then translated for us as well: “I’m hungry!”

Gorgeous thought he would improve the situation by wondering into the kitchen and helping himself to a banana and then leaving bits of it all over the place. Little Lady and the host’s son both careered through the house making good use of their lungs. Of course all of this whilst the men had gone to the masjid. I waited till I thought the prayer was over and then dialled my husband’s number and held the phone up to the noise – you can imagine he was back rather quick.

Still didn’t get home in time to get the kids in bed and then go out and still had to get home and get everyone dinner, so the kids were in bed for about 11pm. Still, we’ve invited them over for dinner next Sunday, so we can have all of this fun all over again (I think I might be tying all three into their car seats).

I’m also going to have a good think about making time for myself and my husband in amongst all of the people and chaos here at the moment.

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