Wednesday 17 June 2009

Earth Week

Today was Earth Week in Little Lady's school, so the children had to dress in natural colours - brown, green, blue or yellow. In a rush to get to school on time, Little Lady went waering her pink bathroom slippers - this is what happens when I am not around in the morning.

I like the idea that they are being taught about the environment so early, being careful with our resources is something that I htink should become intrinsic in all we do. They will also be litter-picking on surrounding roads this week and learning about recycling. LL's teacher explained to the class about saving electricity and now she is following us around switching off lights.

The class made necklaces like these from rolled up recycled paper and watched a video about pollution from cars and saving water.

"It is He who has appointed you guardians in the earth" - Al-Quran 6:165


  1. Mashaallah! How cute!!! Seriously, your kids are quite adorable!

    I look forwrd to teaching Omar about the earth and how valuable its resources are.

  2. You're right its wonderful that the little people are being taught to be environmentally conscious. Last month was my nephew Junaid's earth week and I helped him make a necklace and hand puppet from recycled materials. For the necklace, we used buttons and macaroni that we painted in different colours. And for the hand puppet, we made a cat face on a paper bag...we used felt for the eyes and I stitched the whiskers with crochet was great fun...I think I enjoyed it more than him :-D