Thursday 25 June 2009

Oh Dear...

Usually when I give the kids something to eat, it does cross my mind, how much mess there will be to clear up afterwards (rice - not so good, apple - good, mango - not great, but can take the kids tops off).

Obviously dad's don't always have the same consideration...


  1. Fashionista25 June, 2009

    you blatantly smudged that on their heads! even kids are dopey enough to get it on their foreheads!

  2. Fashionista25 June, 2009

    * i meant are NOT dope enough...

  3. I DID NOT!!!
    I was making chapatti's when they did it. You should have seen the ice-creams, they were flippin massive, not like the little Screwballs I usually buy them.

    This is why they usually get an apple, or cheerio's without the milk...

  4. did they miss their mouth and aim for their head or something??

  5. someone has blatantly aimed an ice cream at their heads!!

  6. Unni Sumayyah26 June, 2009

    LOL!Instead of face painting, ice cream painting!!!:)))

  7. Anonymous28 June, 2009

    I don't think their THAT dopey enough to do that on their own - its sooooo obvious that its been smudged onto them - still it's reeeally funny -I wasn't expecting that.
    P.S bet you don't know who I am!

  8. Hmmm, I think certain relations need to be barred from this blog...

    Anony, I have no idea.