Wednesday 17 July 2019

Pink Floral Bridal Shower

My family is not very big here and we very rarely have weddings, so have never had the wedding season experience of one wedding after another that many Asians experience. So the fact that my young cousin is getting married soon is a source of excitement and outfit planning activity in my family.

As the bride’s sisters are all younger, my sisters and I offered to host her bridal shower. The bride accepted and we started our party planning, splitting up d├ęcor, dessert table and games.  Everyone pitched in and worked together on food and gifts.

We went round to my mum’s house the day before to decorate the garden with white lacy bunting, white lanterns and pink pompoms. We also blew up the balloons for the balloon arch – it takes a lot more balloons than you would expect.

On the day of the party, we started a few hours early with setting up the dessert table and making sure the drinks and food was ready:

The lovely ombre cake was by Fashionista Sister:

I wore this pretty, very comfortable dress with pearl embellishment, with soft white jersey trousers and a pearl cuff.

The babies all wore pretty party dresses:

We encouraged people to bring a dish, so that all the cooking didn’t fall to one person. We had chicken pilau, lamb kebabs, tandoori chicken, salad, I made samosa’s, spring rolls and sandwiches…but forgot to take pictures of all the food.

I made this selfie frame a few days before with my youngest two “helping”:

Photo shoot and party games followed lunch with lots of competitiveness and laughter. Then it was time for cake (it…was…good!)

It was a lovely afternoon and we finished with our gifts to her and plans for her henna party.

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