Thursday 18 July 2019

Picture of the Day 11.07.19: Henna Practice on Tiny Hands

With my cousin getting married soon, I asked my youngest two if they wanted me to do their henna. I didn’t have to ask twice.  There were lots of telling offs and being told to sit still.

I got some ideas from searching Pinterest (try kids henna and easy henna motifs) and copied the easy bits:

As soon as they were both done, they got upset because they couldn’t suck their thumb (or fingers in Baby’s case). I had to stop them from washing it straight off for as long as possible.

I tried a simple motif on myself:

I loved the colour that I ended up with if I thought the design was a bit shaky:

I’ve got loads of henna cones at home, and two little willing guinea pigs to practice on, so hoping to practice some more.

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