Sunday 7 July 2019

Picture of the Day 16.06.19: Car Boot Fairs Summer 2019

As my husband is away in India at the moment and I don’t drive, my dad has been kind enough to take me to the boot fairs for the last few weekends.  It has been lovely spending an early Sunday morning with my parents on a long drive to the countryside and then a few good hours of bargain hunting in the fresh air amongst the greenery. We went to Boreham (which has been my favourite as it is very good natured and I always find something I like), Swanley (very big) and the Flamingo boot fair in Sidcup (which used to be great, but nothing much there now).

I have picked up some fab craft materials, party supplies, some beautiful jewellery and the kids got some new toys.  I also found a super light stick hoover (£2) and a carpet and flooring steam cleaner mop (£6), which hopefully will make my life easier.  The boys have taken turns to go with me and have bought a suitcase (they are both going Pakistan in summer), lava lamps (which Gorgeous is obsessed with), footballs and new trainers and football clothes (you get professional traders there too who sell new goods).

I am never failed to be surprised by the things I see at these places – there is always some antique or rare thing that you don’t see everyday.  I had to take a sneaky pic when I saw these:

I bought a big bucket of these dominoes for the Babies (for 50p), but Gorgeous has been having great fun with these:

I’m taking a little break from car boot sales at the moment, because it’s too easy to spend what looks like change until it all adds up, and I don’t sleep enough as it is.  But I hope to go to a few more when hubby us back.

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