Thursday 18 July 2019

My Cousin's Dua-e-Khair / Henna

For my cousin’s wedding, my aunt invited us to a party for dua (supplication) and naseehah (advice) for the bride. This was something we had not heard of before. In our family, the minute a wedding is announced, we just want to party like a bunch of heathens.

I wore one of my favourite outfits by Gul's Style London (I last wore it five years ago and it hadn’t fit since then):

I matched it with lots of colourful bangles and earrings from N.K Collection – I always find something there to go with whatever outfit I have:

The function was in a marquee at my aunty’ house – she has a lot of friends, so this ended up totally packed. I loved the bright colours and floral theme – there were flowers everywhere.

It was a nice evening, there was recitation of the Quran and the women were encouraged to give their advice to the bride.  It varied from the sensible (to never share your personal matters regarding your husband with your family) to the slightly cringeworthy (say I love you and you are marrying to have children…). You should have seen the brides face for that one.
I offered the following two bits if advice:
Love each other for the sake of Allah (SWT) and he will place blessing in your love
Don’t worry about your rights in the marriage – this is your husbands problem to fulfil and he should worry about them, worry about your husbands rights, these are your concern and job to fulfil.

After more advice and lots of mike hogging and speeches from some of the ladies, we had dinner. There was so much food – both catered and brought by friends. This mojito was pretty good, the poor mojito jar did not fare well though.

The bride looked so pretty mash’Allah

The little girls enjoyed their own party and posed up a storm:

My youngest child, and too many sweets is probably not the best combination. At one point we heard a loud crash outside and I thought oh heck, I hope that’s not one of my kids.  Of course someone came in and told me Baby had broken the mojito jar.

We all got our henna done which was nice, I’m usually too busy on Eid or weddings to get it done properly.  The lady doing it was also super quick.

We finished the evening with cake and Indian sweets and guests started leaving in time for the evening prayer (maghrib)  which was a change from the usual henna parties which finish just before midnight when we get chucked out of the hall.

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  1. Assalam alaykoum Umm Saliha!
    I tried to comment on the parenting blogpost but could not, I would like to recommend you something to watch on youtube, sisters discussing important topics, this one is about parenting, really good MashaAllah
    Love you for the sake of Allah