Sunday 7 July 2019

Picture of the Day 18.06.19: Byootf or Uglee?

My youngest two (collectively known as the Babies), remind me so much of my youngest two sisters: fashionista and Harlequin.  Not only do they look like them, they play and fight exactly as I remember they used to (and sometimes till do).

When they are good together, they adore each other and play like friends.  When they are “having a moment” there is blame and there are tears.  One of their favourite tactics in recent times has been to write each others names somewhere that will get the other in trouble (on a wall, on a pillow and on the stool by my dressing table ). It doesn’t work because I recognise their writing and the trick of writing the others name is too obvious. 

My youngest made me this picture to tell me how she felt about her older sister in the moment.  I told her it was not very kind and not true either, but had to stop myself from laughing.  I loved how she drew them looking exactly the same. 

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