Tuesday 24 October 2017

Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition

One of Little Lady's GCSE options is photography, so I knew she would be interested in a local photography exhibition by the Natural History Museum's Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  The boys love nature and animals and Gorgeous in particular is a fan of the Natural History Museum.  We also managed to drag along Shutterbug Sister who has a love of photography.

The location was Valentines Mansion which we have visited numerous times before (here and here for a Mad Hatters Tea Party).

The winning entry was the moon and the crow by Gideon Knight and was eye-catching and haunting.  His other photography, centred on wildlife in the local area had the children engrossed.

The winning picture has been turned into a piece of glass art by local artist and resident artist at the mansion, Amanda Seljubac:

We spent a little time at the Mansion playing dress up, exploring the different rooms and playing with some of the games and puzzles that had been left out.

A pleasant afternoon, with a chance to spend some time indoors as the weather gets colder.

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  1. You look like you are having a lovely half-term, I'm happy for you