Friday 27 October 2017

Good Deed Friday: National Zakat Foundation Shelter Projects

The National Zakat Foundation (NZF) has a vision of a faithful, confident, selfless and self-sufficient Muslim community in the United Kingdom.  NZF work to distribute zakat (alms) and donations and make a difference by helping those in debt, those who find themselves homeless or those cannot afford to meet their day to day needs.

Their projects include housing projects for homeless Muslim women in London, Birmingham and Manchester.  Their website describes the reason the shelters were set up and what they do:

Inspiration for the projects emerged from shocking stories about Muslim women sleeping rough on park benches or selling themselves to feed their children.

Our high quality supported housing provides safe accommodation for destitute women who have nowhere else to turn. In addition to the three supported housing projects for Muslim women, NZF has also partnered with St Mungo's Broadway and the Better Community Business Network to deliver a housing project for young Muslim male prison leavers. 

The facilities provide sisters in need with emergency accommodation, provision of food, counselling, benefits and resettlement advice, Qur’an and Islamic study lessons, basic English classes and recreational activities.

The London shelter can support 14 sisters, the Birmingham one 12 sisters and the Manchester shelter a further 5 sisters.

We can only imagine the difficulties these vulnerable sisters go through and where they would turn to if the NZF didn't do the work they do.  You can donate via the website here.

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