Friday 27 October 2017

Capel Manor Gardens: Beautiful Blooms in Autumn

I had wondered if going to Capel Manor Gardens so late in the year was a good idea.  The pictures I looked at of the Gardens online showed greenery and flowers.  By this time of year the flowers would be gone and everything withering away.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that even in mid-October there were flowers and greenery everywhere.  We have had a very mild autumn and although the golds and reds of autumn are showing in the trees, the Gardens were still vibrant with colour.  I was surprised to find bumblebees and butterflies in some parts of the Gardens.

I might have got carried away taking pictures of flowers…

I love how the blueish foliage of this marigold complements the orange of the flower, nature has a stunning way of pairing colours.

There is something old-fashioned, but so elegant about a simple pink English rose.

The bees just seemed to love these purple allium

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