Monday 23 October 2017

Choosing Joy: Photo Shoots and African Dance

The last few days have been a period of step-change for me.  After lots of sadness, challenges, feeling blue and lots of manic activity, I feel as if my world is slowing down.  I am focussing on home life and routines and looking for a new job.  My mother-in-law has gone back to Pakistan, leaving me with much less to do.  

So the last few days I have been winding down, indulging in quiet time, reading, doing very little and letting the house get into a mess.  It has given me the headspace to start to feel motivated again, to blog, to do fun things with the children, to read, to take better care of myself.

I have been making the choice to look for the good things in my day, to show graitude and to ask Allah (SWT) to make me a truly grateful person down to the depth of my soul and every cell in my body.  I have been eating nutritious food, taking time for dhikr without rushing and generally being a happy, chilled out mama.  

I feel as if the challenges of recent months have helped me grow in confidence and personal strength.  I put myself higher up my own agenda and priorities than I have done and I am less apologetic about things. 

This weekend I decided to leave everything, set aside all my niggles and anxieties and just find fun things to do with the kids.

I promised them lunch and an afternoon at the library.  On the way we found a public art project and the kids wanted to take pictures:

My middle three kids are enormous posers and the oldest and youngest won't let me take a picture at all.  We had so much fun taking pics, although Little Lady looked a bit embarrassed about the attention we were getting for posing and Baby just ignored us all in her pram.

We had barbecue-style chicken for lunch and I opted for chicken and rice.  I am trying to eat healthily and Little Lady is keeping an eye on my diet so I asked for a little extra salad and happily nearly got my whole meal covered with it.  I ended eating this for lunch and having the leftovers for dinner.

After lunch we headed to the library with our stack of books to return and were greeted with a display of African dance for Black History Month.

We stayed for a while to listen to poetry and explore objects on display - Baby and Darling just wanted to whack the drums in the middle of the poetry.

We spent a good hour reading, picking books and following babies around.  I left with a stack of flyers on children’s and community activities to look at and plans to do have such lazy afternoons with the kids more often. 


  1. I'm so glad you're taking some time for yourself (you really deserve it).

  2. I love that game sitting on the drum! I regret not bringing one home with me from Cape Verde.