Saturday 21 October 2017

Picture of the Day 16.10.17: Yellow Sky

This week we saw a very surreal and quite unsettling deep yellow sky.  I was leaving to pick the children up from school and saw it change quickly from its usual blue grey to a strong yellow-orange colour.  It also got very windy and dark.

The children at school were a bit disturbed by it, with Gorgeous' class stopping lessons to look out the window.  It didn't help that Gorgeous left school telling all his friends that the end was here and we were all going to die!!!! 

Apparently it was caused by dust flying over from the Sahara desert carried this far by storm Ophelia which had hit Ireland (the boys were impressed by this).

It stayed like that for some time, like an old sepia photo (or the sepia filter on my phone camera as the kids explained to me). 

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