Tuesday 1 August 2017

Picture of the Day 30.07.17 - Quality Time with My Burger

On the weekend, I took Little Lady out for the afternoon.  I had taken the boys out to the Halalgems Halal Street Eats Event and British Museum the day before.  She had declined to come along as she wanted to go without them.

So I took her alone the next day with the promise of checking out the market at Covent Garden.  We took a leisurely trip by train.  She rolled her eyes as I caught a Pokemon and I nearly had a heart attack watching the way she crosses the roads (she tells me I'm too slow and start crossing, then act like a rabbit in headlights half way across instead of just running all the way)

We stopped at Whitechapel in East London to try out a restaurant she had heard off.  I had pepper chicken steak, she had the chicken steak burger.  We really enjoyed eating in peace, catching up and joking.  We also really enjoyed the food (my pepper steak didn't taste peppery, but it was still nice).

We followed lunch with a trip to Covent Gardens which was just lovely.  The market was expensive but there were lots of lovely things to look at and the whole place has the coolest vibe, definitely a tourist in your own city moment.

It feels like after some time of arguing, sulking and rudeness, my new routine of tough love: chores, daily Islamic studies and not allowing rudeness or disrespect in any form is starting to yield results.  Little Lady is starting to spend more time with me and become calmer and more helpful.  The boys are still a work in progress, but I can see that they are starting to realise I am not backing down and it is better to listen and co-operate than lose even more privileges, especially as they have had no internet since their holidays began.

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  1. Mashaa'ALLAH.

    Lovely mum & daughter bonding.

    Good to hear from u Sis