Thursday 17 August 2017

Picture of the Day 14.08.17 - Pakistan Independence Day

Monday was Pakistan Independence Day - 70 years on from the day the country was created.  I have never been much of a nationalist, but my family in Pakistan are and I have certainly married into a family of real patriots.  My father-in-law served in the Pakistan army and fought in two of the Indo-Pak wars.  Many others in both my husbands and my extended family are retired from or currently serve in Pakistan's armed forces.

I have heard lots of people trolling online and in some cases not trolling but stating what they genuinely believe - that Pakistan is a failed state, that it is a corrupt country that should never have been created, that it is a bedrock for terrorism.  Never saying anything positive about the country, but exaggerating negative things when they have never actually been to Pakistan.

My experience of Pakistan is that like any other place it has it faults and flaws, but some things stand out that make me really proud: the beauty of the people, their compassion and hospitality.  The sense of fun of my husband’s home town Lahore, some of the most beautiful landscapes and places, a young and ambitious population that is starting to make strides insh'Allah, built on the shoulders of their elders, who have built the country with their immense contribution.

Most of all when i see the situation of Muslim's in many places I am grateful for a country where Muslim's can practise their faith safely.

So on its 70th birthday I make an abundance of dua for Pakistan: May Allah (SWT) keep it and its people safe and well, may it prosper, have plenty and develop further into a country where everyone is happy and has a beautiful future.  May its people and land be blessed always insh'Allah.

I also send my best wishes to Indian's who celebrated their Independence Day the next day – may you prosper and feel safe.  May your people live in harmony and have abundance and may you always see us friends and not your enemies insh’Allah.

I usually don’t do anything, but this year I fancied joining in the fun a little, so we celebrated by joining the party on the main road outside our home, dressing the babies in green and drinking slushees.

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