Monday 14 August 2017

Picture of the Day 12.08.17 - Sweet Smelling Gifts

Shutterbug and Harlequin Sister went to visit a Lavender Farm in Surrey this weekend.  They had some great pics (to follow on their blogs soon I am sure) and came back tired and bearing gifts:  a bunch of dried Lavender and Lavender flavoured chocolate which I am yet to try.

The Lavender has a lovely strong smell which I could smell as soon as I walked into my mum’s kitchen.  I haven't tried the chocolate yet, but am told you can taste the Lavender.  The chocolate peanuts are one of my favourite treats.  Shutterbug Sister is very careful and conscientious about halal food.  She checked earlier in the year and found that the chocolate peanuts contained a coating of shellac which is considered by some scholars to be haram (forbidden) for Muslims.  She checked again recently and was told the shellac was no longer used and that the product was suitable for vegetarians.  I was very pleased to hear this and happier still that she had bought me a bag to celebrate alhamdulilah 

Fashionista Sister, not to be outdone, treated me and Little Lady to new water bottles.  The kids have been dropping hints about these which I have ignoring.  These keep the water cold for 12 hours or hot for 6 hours.  I picked purple and LL was pleased with her white one.

It's good to have sisters ahamdulillah, may Allah bless them with health, wealth, happiness, contentment and all that is good insh'Allah, Ameen xxx

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