Friday 18 August 2017

Guest Post: Top Seven Parts of the Home Every Housewife Forgets To Clean by Fran McEvoy

You may think that cleaning thoroughly your whole house every week is enough to keep your home clean and well-protected from germs. However, have you ever thought about whether you are truly cleaning every single place in your house? You might be surprised how many spots you are actually forgetting. Next time when you do your house cleaning do not neglect those seven places and you can be certain that your home is properly cleaned.

The Ceiling Fan
Just because you can’t see what is going on with the upper part of your ceiling fan that doesn’t mean that there is not a huge amount of dust and grime which has piled on with time. To clean your ceiling fan grab an old pillowcase and drape it around the blade and press with your hands while you slide slowly the case off the blade.

The Washing Machine
That is right, the appliance you are using to clean your clothes can actually get quite dirty. Whether you are living in a humid place or you are often leaving wet clothes inside the washing machine for too long it can quickly become an environment suitable for mildew. In order to prevent that PrimeCleaners are saying that you can mix one cup of chlorine bleach and two cups of water. Use the solution to wipe the rubber seal of the door and run an empty cycle of washing by setting the temperature of the water on high degrees.

The Coffee Machine
Don’t neglect your smaller appliances. Although they look just fine on the outside, their interior gets quite dirty. In order to clean your coffee machine run a few brewing cycles by pouring a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water. After the first brewing, use clean water for the next few cycles of cleaning to make sure there is no trace left from the vinegar.

Your Books
Even if you dust off regularly your bookshelf this is not enough to keep your books in a good shape. You should wipe the covers of your books with a clean towel and riffle the pages to make sure there are no dust particles which can ruin the condition of your books even if you haven’t read them for a long time.

Your Electronic Devices
When you think about it this makes a lot of sense because we spend a lot of time, every day on our phones and computers. The TV remote is yet another thing which is filled with germs. To make sure that you are well-protected use a clean towel and damp it with a solution of one cup of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol.

The Light Switches and Doorknobs
As light switches and doorknobs are something we are always touching they are all covered in different germs. It is very important to clean them often in order to keep your home truly clean and bacteria-free space. To wipe the light switches and doorknobs of your house you can damp a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol. This will disinfect your home immediately.

The Garbage Cans
If you consider your garbage cans just as tools which store your trash, you might want to start cleaning them more regularly to avoid any bacteria and bad smell. You can rinse them with water and use a white vinegar do scrub any stains. Let them dry well before using them again.

If you add these seven things to your cleaning chores you can be sure that your home will be always cleaned to perfection and you will eliminate the germs, so that you can enjoy the comfort of your clean and well-disinfected home.

Guest Post by Fran McEvoy

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