Wednesday 2 August 2017

Halal Gems Street Eats 2017

I have been looking for things to do with the kids, so when I heard about the Street Eats event organised by Halal Gems, I thought it would be a fun event to take my boys too.  Little Man in particular is food mad.

The event was at Spitalfields Market in Tower Hamlets (east London), the market had some really beautiful things on sale, a lot of them hand made.  The boys managed to moan at me and drag me away from the jewellery, crafts and handbags, complaining they were hungry and wanted to eat.

We got to the event at about midday and some of the stalls were still setting up.  We walked around to see what was on offer and settled for lamb kebab wraps.  There were no drinks available until a bit later, so we bought soda from a regular fish and chip shop located in the market.

There were some really fun and innovative stalls and food vans, lots of fusion food and lots of desi food with a twist.

We spent about two hours looking at food, pouring our own slushies and eyeing up the desserts.  The event was smaller than I had anticipated and we went round everything twice in a short time, it was also quite pricey, probably more suited to someone hip and trendy and with a disposable income than a large family (I saw a portion of chips for £6.50, which I thought was way too much).  There were games, but they seemed more suited to younger children.

It was a nice detour for a few hours and if I came back to Spitalfields it would be with my daughter, who would enjoy shopping with me, rather than the boys.  We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon at the British Museum looking at mummies and minerals.

(additional pics courtesy of Shutterbug at everyphototunity)

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