Friday 24 June 2016

Ramadan Journal 2016: Day 19 – Help

I thought this prompt would be as good an opportunity as any to acknowledge all of the help I get. 

No one should have to handle their problems alone and especially in Ramadan every bit of help and support is welcome

I also want to be the kind of person that is grateful for the help that comes their way and appreciates the people who offer it.

So I am grateful for the help I get from:

My husband – for his moral support and for never nagging about a messy house or leftovers for dinner. It just gives me the space to rest or take a step back when I need it without feeling stressed.

My mum – by always guiding and advising me and holding me up to a higher standard, she tells me to lose weight, dress nice, keep my house clean and raise my children properly.

Little Lady –by keeping all of her fasts without complaining, so that I am in awe of her. She helps with the babies and will feed them if I am preparing iftar and help with the bedtime routine so we can get them in bed before we break our fast.

Little Man – by always been a rock and will help with distracting the babies and cleaning. At the moment the poor boy gets sent to the shops almost every evening because there is always one ingredient I have forgotten for our iftar meal.

Gorgeous – for keeping his sense of humour when everyone is threatening to kill him for his Tigger-like behaviour. I thought the day he was fasting would put a dampener on his craziness, but he spent the whole day annoying everyone, winding up the babies, teaching them how to play football (indoors) and giving them piggy backs.

My siblings – by helping me whenever they can, dropping off treats for me and the kids and stopping by on evenings and weekends to keep me company or have a good moan.

My siblings spouses – by having the patience to be married to an Ahmed sibling and putting up with our energy, tempers and general impatience at iftar time.

My neighbours – they are seriously the best neighbours I can ask for, one neighbour always helps me with child care whenever I need it and sends us lovely food for iftar. The other neighbour is an amazing cook, so whenever the doorbell rings and it is her with a plate, it always feels as if a dua has been answered alhamdulillah

My best friend 
– by being the one I can vent to knowing she fully understands where I am coming from and always says the right thing

Alhamdulilah for family, friends, neighbours and community and the help they offer.


  1. And tank you to you too. You do a lot for the family, Queen Bee!

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