Monday 20 June 2016

Ramadan Journal 2016: Day 13 – Bedtime

I have always found the kid’s bedtime challenging, partly it is the work involved: bath time, nappy changes, milk bottles and dragging people into the bathroom to brush their teeth, 

Partly it is the fun of little people who decide they are not sleepy and try to escape. Or boys who are old enough to know better, but are still up after bedtime wrestling, or asking if they can go down and get a glass of water when they should be asleep.

During Ramadan in particular I have tried to be firm and keep the bedtime routine under control and manageable and the kids in bed so that we can have a peaceful iftar (fast breaking meal) and calm Esha and taraweeh prayer.

Yesterday I was praying Esha, when I saw Baby out of the corner of my eye catapult herself out of her cot and make a run for it.  I have moved her cot away from my bed so that she can't flip out of her cot on to my bed and wander off.  This has worked so far, but yesterday she decided to risk it and throw herself across the gap between my bed and her cot.  I'm sure this has something to do with the boys teaching her to jump off my bed earlier today.   By the time I finished praying she had raided Gorgeous' drawer for the box of Maltesers he kept under his socks.  It was his treat for fasting and he wasn't very impressed when he found out next morning half the box was gone.

Today she fell asleep in the evening as I was cooking.  I should have woke her up, but I never have the heart to wake a sleeping baby (or I am just grateful for the chance to get things done).  So now at bedtime, she is wide awake and hanging out in the boys room reading Darling's favourite book (Primrose in Charge by Alan McDonald), or fascinated by the pictures at least.

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