Monday 20 June 2016

Ramadan Journal 2016: Day 14 – Colour

I have been mulling over my colour theme for Eid for the last few days and could not settle on any combination of colours.  I would happily do rainbow ever year, but thought better of it.

It came down to the gold, coral and blue as in the cake below, or summer colours like in the "popsicle party" picture below.

I got my sisters and the kids to vote for which one they preferred and the bright summer colours won.  I have avoided this type of colour scheme in the past because it doesn't feel very Eid-like.  But I figured that Eid is falling in the middle of summer and when else will I get to try out fun colour combinations like this.

This morning after breakfast at dawn, I found myself with some quiet time to go downstairs and spend half an hour pulling out card and ribbon that was nearest the colour scheme. 

These are a bit darker than the pastels in the picture, but I liked the colours and especially the orange fruit card stock. Now I will have to find some time to experiment with these and create some posters, banners and decorations insh'Allah.

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