Sunday 19 June 2016

Ramadan Journal 2016: Day 12 – Special

Taking part in this journaling activity gives me an acute sense of how fast this month is speeding by.  I don't get the chance to blog and next thing I know I am three days behind.  I had no idea what to journal for this prompt, until this evening when I had some unexpected gifts.

Weekends are always busy, I have the house work to catch up on, visiting to do, my parents to check in with and sleep to catch up on.  This weekend the masjid arranged a sister’s talk for both Saturday and Sunday, with perfect timing exactly during the hour that I have my nap.  I still enjoyed them and benefitted from them. 

This weekend I had visits from my uncle, neighbours, sister and mum.  One of my uncle's has just come back from Umrah (pilgrimage to Makkah) mash'Allah so I have been trying to catch up with him and my aunt has just returned from Pakistan so I have been meaning to see her.  This evening, my aunt made a flying visit and dropped this off:

I used to love doing gift baskets, hampers and crafts for Eid and Ramadan but have been unable to in recent years with the babies and everything else.  It felt such a treat being on the receiving end of one.

A few hours later my husband came home with another bag of gifts:

These were gifts for the family from my uncle who just returned from Umrah. I am seriously looking forward to the dates from Madinah al-Munawarah insh'Allah.

At the moment I am sitting with my post-iftar coffee and chocolate.  Shutterbug Sister bought this round earlier, one of my favourite brands.  I know exactly what I like when it comes to chocolate and this own store brand is one of the ones I have really liked over the years.

I am truly grateful to Allah (SWT) for the kindnesses shown to me, the gifts that someone thought to share with my family and the wonderful home full of guests I am blessed with.

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