Sunday 19 June 2016

Ramadan Journal 2016: Day 11 - On My Mind

As usual "on my mind" is everything:

I haven't done any Eid preparation
How am I going to keep up with my Quran reading?
I haven't read much of the tafaseer on my bedside table yet
The office messed up my pay, again - how long will this to take to sort out and what is my budget this month?
What colours shall I have for my Eid (and Eid party) theme this year?
Did I forget something I had to do at work?
I have book reviews and product reviews to write, but no time at the moment
Shall I put another load of laundry in at this time?
I was meant to visit my friend who had a baby...
I better answer my e-mails
How can I make time to blog?
What shall I make for iftar today?
Am I spending too long in the kitchen every day?
Am I eating too much?
Am I letting the kids have too many sweets?
Should I be stricter with them?
The boys are definitely spending too much time on that computer
I wish they could spend more time in the park playing football
Shall I eat that chocolate?
I better get Gorgeous' passport renewal form filled out
I better get my black work abaya repaired
I wish I read as much as I used to
I had better chase up mum's hospital appointment
Is everything we do enough?  
I feel so guilty, so many people across the world have so little and have lost so much.
Will this house ever look clean?  What must people think?
Should I be wearing niqab?
Do we have too much stuff?

Sometimes all of this stuff that swirls around in my head comes out of my mouth as anxiety.  Then my other half tries to reassure me and encourage me to let go of things and trust in Allah (SWT).

This weekend, I decided to do just that.  Stop worrying about money and work, stop overthinking and planning ahead so much.  Try and fall into the rhythm of Ramadan and the long summer days a bit more.  Stop stressing about praying more, reading more Quran and obsesing about food too much.  Trust that Allah (SWT) is answering our dua's and resolving our affairs for us better than we ever can insh'Allah.


  1. MashaAllah sister in Islam this was an interesting blog entry just like your other blog posts Ramadan Mubarak from us in the Philippines :) do remember all Muslims in your sweet du'as :)


  2. Sister Umm Salihah regarding your thoughts on whether or not you should start wearing niqab try to think of it as another means of getting even closer to Allah Almighty as you try to emulate the modest dress code of the noble wives of the beloved Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu alaihi wa sallam and the niqab distinguishes Muslimahs from others in terms of the level of their faith/Eemaan, the stronger your faith the braver you are and more willing you are to obey any of Allah's orders and do the good deeds which He and His dear Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam love :)

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  4. Alhamdulillah the first time I wore niqab was when I was at a Saudi public all girls school in Riyadh in 6th grade. We had to wear the traditional Saudi abaya above the head and wear niqab MashaAllah with Allah's Will I got used to wearing niqab when outdoors and as I researched more about its rulings I got to be sure or believe that it is wajib or mandatory. Especially while performing Hajj since a Muslimah is not to wear a separate piece or niqab to veil her face this can clearly mean that in ordinary situations when not a Hajj pilgrim she is expected to wear the niqab when amongst non-mahram males :) May Allah the Most Merciful grant us more guidance to do the good deeds He loves and may Allah reunite us in Jannatul Firdaus with our Muslim loved ones. Ameen.

    From your sister Mariam who enjoys visiting your blog for many years now :)