Wednesday 15 July 2015

Ramadan Journal 2015: Day 22 to Day 27

Day 22 – Colour

I didn't grow anything in my little garden this year after the boys managed to kick balls into everything last year and destroy it. This year, I thought I would leave the garden for them to play ball and zoom up and down on their scooters. That was until the neighbours complained that Gorgeous kept climbing up on their extension roof and they were frightened he’d fall off and hurt himself. After telling him off, getting reassurances he wouldn't do it again and then getting another complaint, Gorgeous is banned from the garden for the time being. That meant I could go and get some lovely flowers to plant, which I have done and it is a pleasure to sit outside and admire them in the cool evenings.

I have also been checking through everyone’s Eid clothes to see if we have everything we need. Little Lady has had a growth spurt, so the clothes that her grandmother bought from Pakistan don’t fit. I ended up spending a few hours tramping around the local Asian shops and squabbling with Little Lady who didn't like anything colourful, bright, printed or not black. In the end we settled on this long kameez for her, which I upgraded with the sparkly buttons.

Day 23 – Three

Little Lady has finished school for the academic year at the same time as I have taken a week off of work. This means that I get a blessed week at home with my three lovely girls. The boys are threatening mutiny at the thought of having to go to school when the rest of us are home, but it’s nice getting an extra hours sleep in the morning before its time for the school run and not to have to rush through the evening.

Day 24 – Happy

Being on holiday and getting to do what I want means I am back to my default of being happy Alhamdulillah. This week has been all about getting the house in order, Eid shopping and sharing iftars with friends and neighbours.

Day 25 – Write

Whenever my husband is away, he writes to me. Long letters telling me about everything he is doing and how he is finding the people and the places he comes across. Little Man is allowed to have the stamps for his collection and I read and re-read the letters to raise my spirits and keep me going in his absence.

Day 26 – No

I have learned in recent times that saying no to something gives you the freedom to do something else. This Ramadan I have said no to things so that I can sleep after work. That is “no” to blogging, complicated meals, reading in the evening and spending much time online.

Day 27 – Listen

With either two or three days of Ramadan to go, the sound outside of my window is of traffic and lots of people. The main street that I live off of gets manic in the days leading up to Eid. Every evening around iftar the mood is festive with people buying mangoes from the stalls all along the street and the grocery and butcher shops packed. The Asian clothing stores are very busy as are the restaurants with people getting food packed for iftar. Just before iftar it gets crazy as everyone is trying to get what they need and get home in time.  Then it all goes much quieter as people count down to the time to break fast.  

Another day or two and then it will be chand raat, the night before Eid and then the noise will last almost all night:  boys making their flashy cars roar, hooters and whistles, there was even a drummer last year.  The roads will be packed with throngs of people doing last minute shopping, women getting their henna done and people out to enjoy ice cream or just soak up the atmosphere.

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