Friday 31 July 2015

Eid ul Fitr 2015/1536 - Day 2

The second day of Eid was a lot more raucous than the first one with everyone gathering at my mum's house or HQ as my sister-in-law called it.

Fashionista came with some really lovely cupcakes which caught everyone attention (they tasted as good as they looked).

And one of my cousins brought this cake. 

Lunch was as amazing as ever, my mums cooking really hits the spot.  The last few years she has complained of how tired she gets on Eid day.  This year we suggested we all bring a dish and she can make one thing, she tentatively agreed, but nearer to Eid day she was adamant she would make everything herself.  None of us managed to get pictures, probably because we were all too busy eating.

The babies were in cuteness overload mode, Baby:

This one is Darling's soul-sister, they even look like sisters, probably because Darling looks a bit like Fashionista.  She has just started toddling and is a pleasure to watch wandering around the house babbling to herself.

Darling and her bestie, my brothers cheeky little girl had fun hanging out and posing for pictures

This one is so much fun, well for us anyway, she keeps my sister-in-law on her toes with her mischief.  I can never get enough of the funny things she says.

Little Miss with the unicorn that both she and Darling got as gifts from Fashionista

Her Mum loves fashion, so if mum wears a statement necklace, Miss Cheeky had to have one too:

The boys were good for most of the day (it's crazy how much time goes into trying to stop these two walloping each other).  The minute they managed to get their hands on Harlequin's husbands phone, they were off in whichever la-la-land boys go to when 

We all dressed up, but again I wasn't very good with getting pictures.  I loved what Harlequin wore, such a pretty colour:

You can see more pictures of her outfit and some of the others here.

Darling and Miss Cheeky got this tea-set from me, I like wooden toys and thought it would be safer than some of the porcelain sets for children I saw.  I also needed something without too many tiny parts because Baby is still small enough to try and eat anything with a small part left lying around.

Darling loved playing with hers and spent the afternoon harassing everyone with cups of tea to drink.

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