Friday 31 July 2015

Picture of the Day: 31.07.15 - Beautiful Start to the Day

I had a lot to do today, so had an early start to the day today.  I love staying up after fajr (dawn) prayers, I find it is such a blessed time and when I do, I get so much done and my day is off to a head start.  At the moment the dawn prayers is between 3:30am and 5:20, which feels too early to stay up, so I usually go back to sleep.

Today Hubby was off to work at 5am to start what will be a very long day for him and I have an Eid party tomorrow to organise myself for.  So after he had left, I got through the dishes, loaded up the washing machine and took the bins and recycling out (probably should have done all of that last night).  

I went out in the garden to leave the kitchen bin out there to dry after I gave it a wash and the soft early morning light and the peacefulness just captivated me.  We live near a very busy main road full of shops, so along with a noisy house, that means I very rarely get to experience silence now.

This big hibiscus flower just glowed in the pale light of the garden, I had to go back in to get my phone to take a picture.  The early morning, the silence and the lovely flower have just started me off on my day in the loveliest day.

So before the kids have woken, I have done some blogging (yeah!!), cleared some things out to take to the charity shop, put my first lot of washing out and the second load in and gone through my box of party stuff to see what I can use tomorrow.

I'm off to make my list of ingredients for what I am cooking tomorrow, go grocery shopping,  get the cleaning started (or maybe lots of hiding things whilst guests are here) and pick out everyone's outfits and get ironing.  But first I will wake Little Lady and take her out for breakfast and get some party shopping done.  We have been craving some time together to hang out and she complained yesterday that her whole holidays so far have consisted of studying and helping with the babies, I felt really bad, so I think I'll treat her to some hot chocolate somewhere where we can just chat and hang out for a bit.  Hopefully we'll be back before everyone else even wakes up.

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  1. Umm Shareef08 August, 2015

    Assalamu aleikum sister,
    I agree so much about how lovely and peaceful it is after fajr. A wonderful time to read and contemplate the Qur'an. Mashallah! What a beautiful flower.