Wednesday 23 July 2014

Thank You Cards for Teachers

Today is the last day of school for my children.  They all had fantastic teachers this year (though they might not agree) and all grew so much.

I think it's important to take the time to thank people and show your gratitude, so every year at the end of the school year, the kids take a small gift and a card for their teachers.

Little Ladies teacher had a tough time this year with her class of pre-teens, including 20 boys, some of which seemed to be real horrors.  Not to mention the fact that 11 year old's might not officially be teenagers, but these days it seems as if they might as well be.

This year her teacher guided her through 11+ exams, SAT tests, the process of being selected for a high school which can be extremely stressful for both child and parent and the process of saying goodbye to her primary school and friends - who of course she is adamant will always be her best friends even if they are going to different schools.

This card was made using paper from American Crafts Amy Tangerine Sketchbook 12x12 book of papers which looks like old, stained notebook paper, American Crafts foam lettering called thickers and embellishments from Jolee's Boutique.  I used the graduation themes stickers because Little Lady had a graduation assembly at the end of the school year.  I wasn't convinced of the need for a graduation at the end of primary school, but it turned out to be a really inspiring ceremony encouraging the children to be positive about moving forward and to walk their own path  - a really nice message.

Little Man's teacher is everyone's favourite, she previously taught Little Lady and she has always stood out for how kind and affectionate she is towards her children.  She is leaving the school this year and we are all sad to see her go.  Little Man had a period of playing up towards the end of the school year at the same time as home - not listening, getting angry and not doing his work/chores.  I noticed him getting more cocky as he got older and his confidence grew.  We worked together to convince him that he could do so much better and he seems to be back to his old self.  I was impressed by his teachers caring, gentle approach in dealing with him.

I think Gorgeous' teacher might have had the most challenging job out of my three children. We had to deal with some boisterous behaviour from him when she took over from his previous teacher.  We had to tag team to get him to be on his best behaviour in class. Thankfully he doesn't behave in class in the same way he does at home (like an argumentative, bookworm, football hooligan with serious entitlement issues - "I'm better than anyone less").

I look forward to the holidays with the children, this will be the first time since they started school that I will be spending pretty much all of the time at home with them.  It will be interesting with a new baby, me not being able to get out as much at first and all of them wanting to do things.  I suspect I might change my tune by the end of the summer holidays and be grateful when they go back.

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