Friday 4 July 2014

Chicken Pox

I got a missed call from the kids school yesterday afternoon. Usually any time the kids school call me I start panicking and wonder who has gotten hurt. Usually the teacher will reassure me everything is okay before I even ask with “don’t worry A’s mum, it’s nothing serious” (I think they must be very used to this reaction from parents.)

When I called back, it was Gorgeous’ teacher asking me to come and pick him up as he is covered in chicken pox. Except he’d already had it, all three of the older kids have. I didn't think you could get it twice, but looks like Gorgeous just got lucky. He had a very, very mild dose, with just a few spots whereas as his older siblings had a more serious bout.

At seven, he can tell me what is making him uncomfortable (his throat is sore) and he can agree when I ask him try his best not to itch the spots too much. But Darling is 21 months and has not had them yet. She trails around after her brother when she is not trying to push him around, so I have every expectation that she is going to get them too. My brothers daughter is three months younger and is just recovering from them and had a very tough week of being very miserable, uncomfortable, high temperatures and severe itching driving her crazy and keeping her awake all night. Both my poor brother and sister-in-law had a pretty nightmarish week off work losing sleep and stressing about her high temperature. So I am worried about her and keeping a close eye on her, but she is okay so far.


  1. Oh the poor thing!! Hope those comics are offering some relief!

  2. Anonymous05 July, 2014

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  3. My cousin gave me chicken pox in third grade, the second time he had it. While rare, I've known a few people who have had it twice. Usually the first time is a mild case, which doesn't create the antibodies needed to fight the disease. My number 4 son got the disease around the same age as your baby. It was a pretty mild case (which is usually the case the younger the person) with no fever. I hope it created antibodies. I hope your boy recovers quickly, and same if your baby girl gets it.