Saturday 26 July 2014

Handmade Eid Cards and Gifts from the Children

This year Little Lady wanted to give Eid gifts to family .  She has been collecting little things in a shoebox that she can give but was a little self-conscious that they were small, simple gifts that might not seem very special to people.  I am trying to move away from an Eid that feels very expensive, commercial and superficial.  I don't want to be wasteful or extravagant, but I still like to make am effort to treat family members.

So I asked her to make something beautiful and functional that she could give and that would be special because of the effort she put in.  She made these book marks and Eid cards from bits of printed card, embellishment and ribbon.  Most of the girls in my family are avid readers as is her best friend, so I think her gift will be appreciated.

She raided my alphabet stickers for her cards, I don't think I have an "A" left anywhere.  I like how pretty they turned out though.


  1. Lovely. I tried a similar thing with my four year old and he enjoyed it.happy eid to all of you

  2. These are really pretty!! I wouldn't mind receiving one of them ;)