Monday 28 July 2014

Eid-ul-Fitr 2014/1435 - Pennant Eid Banner in Blue and Gold

I wasn't planning on making any banners as I haven't felt up to much this year, but Little Lady was on the case and pestered me until I greed to make some.  Once I agreed, she fetched, tidied up, helped choose elements of the banners and generally put up with my moaning and grumpiness.

I wanted to make the banners to complement our Eid theme of blue and gold.  I ended up making one rectangle one and one pennant shaped one, which is the triangle shape I usually use.

I used large wooden lettering which I spray painted gold.

It was only when we started spray painting that I realised that the spray was too old and the effect patchy.  In the end we rubbed the letters in the splotches of paint on the newspaper and got the even gold effect we wanted.

I used two shades of blue from the American Crafts 12x12 textured, solid core cardstock - a really nice bright stack of card.  Three sheets of each colour (you get four of each) was enough for two banners, with a good chunk of the used card left over too.

I strung the pennant shapes onto blue ribbon and used whatever pretty floral embellishments I could find to decorate it.  I originally wanted to try stamping the background with gold ink, but found my gold ink stamp had dried up.

I really like the effect of the gold sprayed lettering, it really caught the light and matches our blue and gold balloons and the frames I made. 

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