Thursday 3 July 2014

Support National Zakat Foundation this Ramadan

The National Zakat Foundation has launched it’s Ramadan campaign with a target of raising £1.5m for vulnerable and destitute Muslims in the UK. If you haven’t yet paid your zakat and are wondering where you should send it, NZF offer a solution that means UK Muslims can assist Muslims in their own country.

Their current projects include:

Shelters for Muslim women in London and Birmingham, with a new one just having opened in Manchester and currently taking referrals for sisters in difficulty.  The inspiration for setting up these shelters emerged from shocking stories about Muslim women sleeping rough on park benches or turning to prostitution to feed their children.
    Distribution of zakat to those in need – with £1,537,706 distributed so far since the charity began
      The opening of The Date Palm Project a new community partnership between St Mungo's Broadway (homelessness chariy), the National Zakat Foundation (NZF) and the Better Community Business Network (BCBN) to provide faith sensitive supported housing for young Muslim prison leavers who are at risk of homelessness.  The aim of the Date Palm Project is to provide a powerful combination of housing, employment and support for young Muslims leaving prison in order to reduce the chances of re-offending and transform their lives.

      The charities website also has a useful page which allows you to learn more about zakat and a zakat calculator.

      You can find out more about all of their projects at their website, via their Facebook page or their twitter account.

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